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Camera USB Pen Drive 8GB CollectionSolidSecure GSM Alarm and IP CCTV Solutions

AdvanceSecure GSM Alarm and IP CCTV Solutions
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AdvanceSecure GSM Alarm and IP CCTV Solutions

Price: RM1 688.00

Protect Your Home with Digitalzone2u Integrated Home Security System 

The idea that “your home is your castle” is just another way of saying that you have the right to be safe and secure in your home. An integrated home security system can help you to achieve that sense of security, or regain it if it has been lost because of a home burglary. 

A home security system can be a game-changer by acting as a deterrent. If a burglar knows your home is protected by an alarm, they are more likely to move on to another target. In fact, there are reports showing that homes with security systems are three times less likely to be burglarized.

A basic package from Digitalzone2u Secure series includes window and door sensors for the most vulnerable points of entry in your home, together with remote control and IP camera that keep you connected real time over your smart phone. Additional sensors, motion detectors, smoke sensors, wireless siren, and even IP video surveillance cameras are available as options to all the packages - SimpleSecure, SolidSecure, AdvanceSecure 

The integrated home security system from Digitalzone2u is easy to install, stable and reliable. If you are looking to make your home safer, smarter and more secure against burglars, we have the solutions for you. Please contact our experienced consultants. We will be glad to advise you by addressing your needs based on case by case basis.




Extensive Fast Cellular Connection - We've Got You Covered: 99% Cellular Connection

From rural areas to amber urban cities, we've got you covered. Our systems support various Telco SIM card – Celcom, Maxis, DiGi, U-mobile, anyone of these robust national cellular network will keep you safe — no matter where you are.


On-the-Go Mobile Control - Watch Our Powerful Smartphone App in Action

Access advanced system control from anywhere in the world! Use your laptop or smart phone to easily arm or disarm your system, monitor your home, and make adjustments to your security alarm settings.


Wireless Sensors with Extreme Range - Extreme Range — and Fully Customizable for Your Home

AdvanceSecure sensors have a huge range of 300 ft., so our system is perfect for homes and businesses of any size (unless you live in the Superdome).

Some alarm companies make it almost impossible to personalize your alarm for your home. Every AdvanceSecure alarm system is 100% customizable to meet your home’s unique needs. Our systems support up to 256 sensors—you can add more at any time via our online security shop or with a quick call to our friendly support team.


Free and Easy to Install! - AdvanceSecure is wireless and installs in minutes. No tools needed, just adhesive pads

Sleek wireless alarms are so easy to install, even a non-technical house wife can do it! And it will look so good that your neighbors will think you spent hundreds!

All your sensors arrive pre-programmed to work instantly, batteries installed & adhesive strips ready-mounted—so you can arm your home against intruders in minutes.

Most alarm companies make set-up complicated so they can force you to pay outrageous installation fees. With AdvanceSecure there are NO expensive set-up fees, NO complicated wiring, and NO strangers drilling holes in your walls! Do it yourself to save hundreds on installation and thousands with no-annual-contract alarm monitoring plans.

Does easy set-up mean the system is flimsy or less secure? No! Quite the opposite. No wires means there’s nothing for burglars to cut.


SMS Text & Email Alerts - Instant Power is Yours with Instant Alerts

Know what is happening the instant it happens. Instant Alerts bring you real-time knowledge of arm/disarm notifications, alarm trigger alerts, power outage notifications...and more!

They’re completely customizable—so you can choose which kinds of alerts you want to receive and how you want to get them! Plus—you can pre-program customizable alerts reach the people that matter most. So you can loop your spouse, your kids and more into your home security.


Smash-Proof Protection - Most Alarms Have Two Incredibly Dangerous Defects—SimSecure Doesn’t.

Most wireless alarm systems have a dangerous defect—if an intruder smashes the Keypad or cut the wiring quickly enough, the owner will not get alerted. SimSecure has solved this problem: we have a built in alert chip that will trigger the notification without the being known – it is a hidden from keypad.


Power Outage Protection - AdvanceSecure is There...Even When the Lights Go Out.

Never fear a power outage or electricity failure again. AdvanceSecure has a standby powerful lithium batteries that last 3 years — so you stay secure when the electricity fails.


Portable—Take it With You When You Move

Moving is Easier than Ever—Fully Portable Alarms
All AdvanceSecure Equipment will fit a new home quickly and easily. Moving to a larger place? No problem. Order extra sensors anytime.

Simple Re-Installation
We include extra adhesive strips in every box, making it easy for you to move sensors to a new location. These adhesive strips are super strong, but are also engineered to pull off cleanly without damaging your walls.


With a 100% Wireless System you can add more sensors anytime

AdvanceSecure alarms are easy to expand. Our systems support up to 99 sensors so if you move to a bigger home, you can call us up and order extras. After a few clicks of your mouse or smart phone, they’re added to your system.


Advanced Smoke and Fire Detection - Firefighters Straight to your Door

When a fire is burning in your home every second counts. AdvanceSecure smoke detectors are built with photoelectric sensors for faster detection of a fire before it breaks into a flame, giving you and your family more time to get up and out of your home.


Pet Friendly - Smart Sensors Never Mistake Pets for Burglars

AdvanceSecure uses more precise motion sensors to ensure your pets won’t trigger your alarms. Simply place your motion sensors where your pets can’t fiddle with them, and your cats or dogs can comfortably play at home without triggering an alarm. And our security specialists are available for a consultation if you’re having trouble finding the right position!


Secret! Alerts (your eyes and ears at home) - Discover Who’s Been Sneaking Around Your Home!

Family, guests, roommates, kids: our houses are full of people getting into places they don’t always belong. Secret Alerts give you the power to know everything that happens at home - like your own private eye.

These alert-only sensors tell you when a sensor is activated, without triggering an alarm. So you can secretly keep an eye on your closets, safes, private drawers, liquor cabinets and more!

Home owners with big pets love this trick

Normally, the Motion Sensor looks straight out and down towards the ground. If your pet is triggering the sensor, just place it about 4-5 feet above ground level, and turn it upside down! This way, your pet can’t trigger it, but an intruder will!


Package Contents:

• IP Camera x 3
• Mounting Bracket x 3
• 32GB Micro SD memory card x 3
• AC Adapter x 3
• IP Camera User manual x 1
• Mobile apps for Android & iOS
• Smart 110 GSM Alarm Mainframe x 1
• Wireless PIR Motion Detector x 3
• Wireless Magnetic Door Contact x 5
• 12VDC AC/DC Adaptor x 1
• Remote Control x 4
• Smoke Sensor x 1
• Wireless Siren x 1
• GSM Alarm Systems User Manual x 1

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