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Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner VC2000
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Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner VC2000

Price: RM835.00
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3 - 5RM815.00
6 - 10RM774.00

Take cleaning your home to the next level with the Aztech VC2000 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. Sit back, relax and take a breather as the VC200 cleans your home for you! Look to the future for effective cleaning solutions that promise ultimate convenience and versatility. 


Smart & Effective Cleaning

The Aztech VC2000 is equipped with a Virtual Wall and Drop sensor feature. The Virtual Wall feature allows you to keep the VC2000 within a certain boundary. The Drop Sensor feature on the other hand allows the VC2000 to avoid drop areas such as stairs or other high elevated areas to avoid damages to your device while doing its wide area cleaning.

With the VC2000, there is no need to worry whenever it runs out of batteries. The VC2000 easily detects, locates, and charges itself automatically in its Docking Station once its battery becomes low.

The VC2000 is also equipped with a UV Disinfecting Lamp, it simply cleans and disinfects at the same time.


Let It Work On Its Own

Unlike other robotic vacuum cleaners, the VC2000 works silently and is equipped with a Mute mode. In addition, the VC2000 also allows you to schedule its own cleaning routine. You don't have to set it to cleaning mode every time you want it to vacauum your area.


Main Features

  • Drop Sensor
  • Schedule Cleaning
  • Remote Controllable
  • Virtual Wall
  • Cleaning Modes: Auto, Spot, Along the wall, and Zig-zag
  • UV Lamp Disinfectant
  • Mute Mode (for day and night)
  • Anti Tangle
  • Low Noise: 45dB

Charge Features

  • Automatically returns to charge base
  • Run Time: 120 minutes
  • Brush, map and cleaning cloth
  • 3 to 4 hours charging time

UV Sterilization

Aztech VC2000 not only cleans the floor, but also helps to sterize it as well. The UV Lamp removes up to 96% of common household bacteria found on floor tiles, carpets, and wood, such as microorganisms, moulds, spores, pet dander, pollen, fungus, and many more.

Virtual Wall

The Virtual Wall unit emits IR bearms, creating on invisible wall that sets a NO-ENTRY zone for the robostic vacuum clearner.

Self Charging

When the battery is running low, the Aztech VC2000 automatically returns to its Docking Station and recharges for 3 to 4 hours.

Cleaning Mode

The Aztech VC2000 comes with 4 types of cleaning modes to ensure that your house is thoroughly clean.

Schedule Cleaning

Set a schedule and the Robotic Vacuum cleaner will automatically clean at the time you set. It can be set in a daily, every other day. or even 3 times a week basis depending on your preference.

Mute Mode

With initial time preset, the Smart Robotic Vacuum cleaner automatically mutes or unmutes itself depending if it is Day or Night.

Remote It

The VC2000 is not entirely limited to its control. You are also given the choice to control your robotic vacuum. This means you can watch TV while remote controlling your house cleaning. It really is cleaning at its smartest.









Package includes
1. Aztech VC2000
2. Remote Control
3. Charging base
4. Virtual Wall Sensor
5. Power adapter
6. Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
7. 4 x side brushes
8. 1 mop plate
9. User manual
10. Quick Start Guide
11. Cleaning Brushes

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