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GSM Alarm System 3526Button Spy Camera with 4GB TF card

GSM Home Alarm System 3524
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GSM Home Alarm System 3524

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GSM Alarm & FWT System - S3524A


The GSM Alarm System S3524A is a new security protection and FWT (fixed wireless termial) solution special for home, house and office and other applications. It is based on Wireless GSM Communication network, intergrated Voice communication and Computer technology. When any of the sensor is being triggered, it will call and send SMS to owners telephone immediately. Also, it can be used as a wireless telephone to call and answer call. The S3524A equips with LCD which displays the entire operation menu. All operations and settings are visual and intuitive!

What you need is a SIMCard which support Call ID function!


What advantages of the S3524A? 

1. Easy to operate; intergrated GSM Alarm System and Cellphone functions;

2. Easy to set up, all set up can be displayed on the LCD screen;

3. Alert message can be edited by keyboard;

4. Supports Pre-set Message - to send pre-set SMS remotely;

5. Panic Button(SOS) for emergercy use.

6. All telephone basic functions are included.


Functions & Features of the GSM Alarm System:

1.  GSM Frequency: Tri-Band(900/1800/1900MHz), Quad-Band is optional(850/900/1800/1900Mhz) ;

2.  Equips with LCD display entire instruction to ensure simple operateion;

3.  Supports armed, disarmed by SMS or remote control or keyboard;

4.  Automatic send SMS Alert and dial to the pre-set cellphone when any of the sensor triggered;

5.  Support 16 Wireless sensors, the sensor name is editable by keyboard;

6.  The Sensors can be set as bypass mode to disarm some sensors and arm some sensors at the same time when you are at home;

7.  Supports 3 SMS alarm cellphones and 5 dial alarm telephone numbers;

8.  Supports armed delay to give enough time to you go out the home, the delay time is editable by user.

9. Supports Alarm delay to give enough time to you to enter the home, the delay time is editable by user;

10. The external power failure&recovery alert function is optional ;

11. Supports wiretap through internal Mircophone;

12. Supports wired and wireless siren;

13. Supports alert user by SMS when the remote control has been used to control the system, this function can be assigned by user;

14. Equip with SOS button on the remote control and Keyboard for emergency alarm;

15. Pre-set Alert SMS Text Message, when press the SMS Templates button on the Keyboard then can send out the SMS to the user; 

16. Standby internal rechargeable battery which can last 10 hours;

17. Based on the GSM communication network and Voice Operation Menu technology and accepted by worldwide.


Standard Package:

Mainframe X1

Remote contol X3 (One is special for speical person use, e.g.: child, old person,)

Wireless PIR Motion Sensor X1

Wireless Door magnetic Sensor X1

Wired Siren X1

GSM Antenna X2

AC/DC AdaptorX1

User Manual X1


Optional Accessories (Wireless):

Combined Light and Siren    PIR Motion Sensor   Glass Break Sensor

Magnetic Window Sensor    Magnetic Steel Scrolling Door Sensor

Infrared Photoelectric Beam Fence  Wireless Strobe Siren

Our Other Wireless Sensors


Specifications of Mainframe of the GSM Alarm System 

Rated Voltage:  7.5VDC 1.5A

Working temperature:  -10+60

Storage temperature:  -20+60

Relative humidity:        10-90%, No condensation

Operating frequency:         GSM900,1800,1900Mhz

Communication protocol:   GSM PHASE 2/2+ (include data service)

Wireless sensor receiving frequency:     433 MHz

Wireless sensor permission quantity:     15Pcs

Effective distance wireless of remote control: 100 m

Battery: Built-in lithium-ion battery:  2500mAh  3.7V

Standby time  Approx.12hours (depending on the network condition)

Net Weight: 1.82Kg



What’s the different from other GSM Alarm Systems?

The S3524A with LCD display which displays the entire menu, also it is intregrated with the wireless telephone functions.


How do you set up the GSM Alarm System S3524A?

It’s very easy to set up it, insert the simcard to the control unit, then power on it, after the initializtion, then you can set it following the Menus.


How many wireless sensors does the GSM Alarm System S3524A can accept?

The GSM Alarm System S3524A can accept 16 different wireless sensors.


How does the GSM Alarm System S3524A work?

The GSM Alarm System incorporates a professional grade GSM engine, when any sensor triggered, the GSM Engine will call the preset alarm phone number as well as send SMS Text Message. Also, it will start the siren immediately. You can know that your property in danger. The GSM Alarm System does not need any fix telephone line, if the intruder cut the telephone line, the system still can call you and alert you by SMS, this is why you need the GSM Alarm System to protect your property.


Does the GSM Alarm System S3524A work in my country?

Yes. The GSM Alarm System S3524A equips with the Tri-Band(900/1800/1900MHz) gsm moudel, it can work in Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East areas. If you are residing in South American, please contact us before you place the order because of South American GSM Frequency is 850/1900Mhz.


What else do I need besides GSM Alarm System S3524A?

You need only a valid SIM card and dditional sensors if you required. 


Is the GSM Alarm System difficult to install it?

Installing GSM Alarm System S3524A is simple for anybody just insert the SIMCard and follow the menu.

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