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Top 10 Home Security Gadgets that Everyone Should Use for Their Safety

Security is the first thing that is on everyone’s mind. You care for your family, your valuables and your property. The growing number of crimes has alerted a lot of homeowners who are looking for new and working security gadgets to keep their homes secure.
Given below is a list of 10 home security gadgets that everyone should use to secure their home or their office:


The most common thing to install is a camera. It is being used for years and is still of great help. The best thing about this gadget is that it saves a permanent record in case anything goes wrong. The video can be accessed anytime and serves as a legal proof, if required.

Fake TV

This is one gadget that really works. It’s proven that houses that look silent attract the attention of burglars. By using this great gadget, you can put your worries to rest. The gadget flickers light and looks like a TV. You won’t need to turn on your real television now. This one has amazing sensors that help it turn on automatically at dusk.

Alert Me

It’s a very widely used gadget that is considered to be the best substitute for the camera. It does not need a camera to monitor your premises. Using its motion sensors, it can detect any movement in your house and inform you right away. A number is saved in its memory and whenever it senses anything dangerous, it sends a text message or call on the number to inform the person.

Mini Mosquito

It is a fun gadget that works in a very unique way and keeps your home secure. It emits a high-pitched whine, which is only audible to teenagers. The advantage is that the sound keeps kids away from your home. Quite often, these children cause damage to the home in their ruckus.

Imitation Security Camera

Thieves are scared of things. A barking door, moving body and a switched-on light can deter them. This is exactly what this gadget does. It looks very real but does not record any video. This decoy camera has a motion sensor and flashing LED. It does not keep the record but can keep all those burglars away.

Siren Door Padlock Alarm

There is no point in having a gadget if it doesn’t inform you on time. This one is a classic and is still considered to be one of the best. When disturbed, the gadget disrupts and causes noise that alerts you, and even your neighbors, scaring the thief away.

Special Locks

There are many kinds of special locks available. To know more about the kinds of special security locks and for more on home security, click here. They are finger-print detectors and special locks that need a password or identity proof. This is great as using this system, there’s no way an unwanted person can enter your premises.

Window Wedge Alarm

The door is not the only thing that you need to take care of. Cats, Pets and burglars also use windows to enter a house. Using window wedge alarm you can stay safe as this alarm will ring whenever something goes wrong with the window. Have the window locked and when an attempt it made to break it open, the shrill sound will inform you and scare away the thief.

Key Hiders

Even if the thief is somehow able to make it into your house, you need not worry as there are tools to secure your house. There are some really cool key hiders where you can hide keys to your cupboard or safe. They come in different shapes, such as thermometer or torch. You can put the keys there and the thief would never be able to find them out. People even install these key hiders outside their homes as they seem to have replaced the doormat. If you ask us, that isn’t highly recommended.

Motion Sensor Light

These were earlier used to only add beauty to the room, but turns out they are great security tools too. Install these lights in your house and whenever there is a motion detected, the light will automatically turn on. This will scare the thief away and you will stay safe.


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