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1. What should you do when the item is broken?
After you received your item and the product is found damaged. How should you resolve the problem? 
1. Before you receive the parcel, please check the item carefully. If the item is damaged during shipping, you can claim the compensation from the shipping company or reject to sign the parcel. 
2. If the item itself is defective, you should contact us via phone call or email, and we would work out a reasonable solution for you; and sometime maybe we need you to take photos or video for the defective item.


2. The received item doesn’t match the description

What do you do if you receive items that don't match the product description? 
If you receive the item that is different from the product description, please contact us immediately, we will check the order and work out a reasonable solution for you.


3. Are all your products brand new?

Yes, of course. We do not sell used items.

We supply brand new products only and they are directly from the high-tech factories.


4. The problems about the accessories & adapter

Are all the necessary accessories included with the products? Is Power Adapter suitable for my country? 
All the necessary standard accessories are included with the products which come from Digitalzone2u. 
In normal cases, product comes with the below: 
- Packing Box 
- USB cable for applicable USB product items 
- AV cable for applicable product items. e.g. car DVD players 
- Earphones for applicable product item 
- Travel charger / Power adapter which suitable for shipping destination country or region 
- User Manual, usually English, for most of products. 
- Software / Driver CD which provide some drivers and some useful software kits. 
- Li-ion Battery for applicable product items 
- Tripod for some Camera or Camcorder 
- Carry Bag for some product items. 
- Pouch for some product items. 
More detailed, please refer to the detailed product specification on our website. Under the “Package Content”, it will list all the applicable accessories for most of product items. 

5. Will This Cell Phone Work In My Country?
Whether a mobile phone you buy from Digitalzone2u is compatible or not, depends on whether the supported GSM frequencies of the phone match the frequency of your cell network in your country. 
Luckily there are only four GSM frequencies. You simply need to find out the GSM frequencies supported under your current SIM Card's Cellular Provider, and match it to the GSM specification of your chosen Mobile Phone from Digitalzone2u.


6. How do you ensure the quality of the product?

Digitalzone2u undertakes the strictest Quality Control of any on line electronics supplier you could find.

Our partner factories have their own quality control processes, but we don't only take their word for it! When products come into the Digitalzone2u warehouse, we have a team of qualified technicians who are dedicated to confirming the
products are correct, in perfect condition, and working perfectly. Every product you buy from Digitalzone2u has been
checked and quality controlled by our QC technicians before it was shipped out, which is a double check over the factory QC inspection:
- All products are visually inspected for good appearance. 
- All products are switched on and have their main functions tested one by one. 
- All packages are checked to ensure they contain the correct accessories. Accessories such as earphones and cables are tested as well.

But sometimes things can go wrong... that's why we back all our products with a 12-month guarantee.

If, unfortunately, the product you bought from Digitalzone2u seems to have a problem, please always contact our technical team with your order number, we can help clarify the problem.

Further to this…
1. Always contact us first. Provide your order number and the product code. We can help clarify what the problem is. 

2. Often we can solve the problem for you without you needing to send anything back. In many cases the product seems to have a problem, but it can be solved by restarting, installing properly, or fixing an accessory. In the case of more complicated products such as Car DVD Players or Security Camera Systems we will recommend that you get the product installed or inspected by a qualified technician to confirm that it is faulty rather than incorrectly installed. 

3. You're covered by our 12 month guarantee.

So if the product doesn't work, we'll help you send it back to us to get it fixed.


7. What brands are the products?

"Do you sell Nokia, Samsung, Apple iPod, Sony, etc brands?" 
Most of the manufacturers who supply the products listed on make the products for several different end companies, so are sold "unbranded".

The goods are all new and produced by large hi-tech factories mainly from China, some of which are also manufacturers for large international brands. Some of the products on Digitalzone2u have 'model names' but mostly are not branded under any one company name or logo. The quality of these goods is guaranteed by Digitalzone2u, and you can get them for a much better price than the well-known mainstream brands.
“Unbranded” also means you can sell these products under your own name. Custom made labeling and packaging is available with all the Digitalzone2u products in certain order quantities.

8. Can I Brand the Product with My Own Logo?

Usually, we can accept this request of Brand your own logo for the big quantity order of more than 100pcs.

9. Some information about the batteries

Are batteries always come with the product?
Some standard batteries (e.g. AA, AAA, 9V) can't be shipped along with the products due to the custom regulations. 
Some removable rechargeable batteries which specified in the product, some integrated rechargeable (e.g. Li-ion battery) can be shipped along with the product, such as M4 player, Digital Cameras, DVD players. 
We will provide required AC power adapters which suitable for the standard of different delivery destination countries or regions.


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