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1. Creating the account before buying from us

You need an account before you buy products from Digitalzone2u. 
People all over the world are welcomed to visit our website and view our products for free. A purchaser account is
needed before you buy from us. Follow the link to create an account: and go “Create an


2. How to create a buyer account?

People all over the world are welcome to register to be our customer. You can apply for a standard account any time
by going to It takes only a few minutes to create an account and you only need to provide
your basic personal information.

3. Can I cancel my account?

Yes. Customers can request to have their account cancelled at any time if there is no processing or pending order,
and no unresolved issues.


4. Can I re-activate a new account?

Yes. Cancelled account can be re-activated at any time at the customer's request.


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