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Shipping and Delivery


1. When will I receive my items after ordering?
There are two key factors will affect the time you receive your items. 
1) Shipping method 
For worldwide delivery, the lead time varies from shipping method and courier company. UPS is the fastest, it takes 3-5days; DHL takes 3-8days; National Courier Service - Pos Laju and EMS take 6-12days and Normal Air Mail takes 12-18days.

For local delivery within Malaysia, typically is next day delivery with our National Courier Service – Pos Laju.
The transit time would different from shipping address and the size or weight of your items.
2) Item processing time 
There are different processing times for different items. Average processing time is 2 to 3 working days; however, it is subject to the items availability as well as the time of ordering.

2. What is processing time?
The processing time refers to the time for Digitalzone2u to prepare the items for shipment --- start from the day we receive your payment until the items being shipped out. 
Usually, it is around 2 to 3 working days; however, it will need more time if the item is out of stock or with low quantity in stock.


3. How to change my shipping address?
If you have moved house or other reasons, you can change the shipping address. 
- Sign in with your account and password
- Choose the quantity you want to buy, then click "Add to Cart" 
- Click "check out"
- Under Shipping Information, Click "Add a new Shipping Address"
- Click “Save”
- You can select the new address for delivery and billing purposes. 

4. Can you ship to my country?

Yes, we ship to most of the countries worldwide.
We can ship large quantity order or only a sample to worldwide country by international couriers such as Pos Laju / EMS, DHL, UPS, FedEx or Air Mail.

5. How do I calculate the shipping cost?

The delivery cost depends on the shipping method you chose, the delivery destination and the size or weight of your ordered items, so we suggest you to choose the shipping method that best satisfies your demands. We will advise you the total delivery cost when we receive international order.

6. The details of changing the shipping method?

Can you change the shipping method after you placed my order? 
If we have not shipped your order and it is still feasible to do so, you may request to change your shipping method. Otherwise, you cannot change the shipping method. 


7. My order was shipped to a wrong address!

If the courier service causes the error, we will work with it to recover the shipment or resend replacement after the insurance claim is confirmed and lost compensated. 
If we cause the error, we will try to recover the lost shipment as soon as possible or compensate the lost up to the total order value if the recovery attempt is futile. 
If you provide us a wrong shipping address, we will help you to recover the lost shipment at your cost. No other compensation will be made in such a case.

8. Do you have shipping weight limits?
It varies. Major express couriers (UPS, FedEx, and DHL) do not have a maximum gross shipping weight per shipment. 
Pos Laju is limited to 20kg gross shipping weight per shipment. 
Orders over 20kg and shipped using POS Laju / EMS may be split into multiple packages.

Regular air mail is limited to 2kg gross shipping weight per shipment.


9. How do you ship them? How much is delivery?
Digitalzone2u currently ships small and medium sized orders by international courier. 
The shipping rates can be seen inside the Digitalzone2u online shop checkout system. If you need shipping quotes, you need to register, login, and follow the checkout steps to see different prices for different delivery locations and also you can contact us for the price.
You will be able to choose a courier, e.g. choose between Pos Laju, FedEx, DHL, or UPS if available.
Occasionally we have to change the courier you have selected because of regional restrictions, but if the courier is changed later you won't be charged extra.


10. How long the shipment can be delivered to me?
There is no single answer to this question: delivery times (like shipping costs) depend entirely on the items you ordered, the size of the order, the destination and the shipping method. 
You also need to bear in mind that customs clearance in your country could add delays and taxes / fees for the recipient, so check with your local customs and please understand this limitation is beyond our control. 
If you are concerned that an order is taking too long to deliver, please contact us by dropping us an email. We will respond back to you quickly.


11. Can you send me a shipment tracking number?
Yes. When the order package is dispatched, we will have a tracking number. We will send the tracking number to you via email, SMS, whatsapp, viber or wechat upon request.


12. What can I do if there is a shipping problem?
Shipping problems are relatively rare. We check all orders to ensure the delivery information is sufficient for the courier, and tracking details are given to customers so that they know when to expect delivery. 
Shipping problems with which Digitalzone2u will offer full assistance include: 
Cases where the package has apparently been broken into during shipment or the package has been damaged and the goods are damaged. In these cases the customer can refuse receipt of the goods and clearly state the problem to the courier. Then the customer must contact Digitalzone2u and we will resolve the matter with the courier. Once the issue has been confirmed we will follow up the insurance claim with the courier and ship a replacement order to the customer as soon as possible. Such cases are in fact very rare. 
If the package is lost or misrouted by accident or by the fault of the courier, we will pursue the insurance claim with the courier and create a replacement dispatch of goods for the customer as soon as possible. 
Cases where the package is delivered to the wrong address: in this case, Digitalzone2u will work with the courier to solve the problem and ship new goods to the customer as soon as possible. 
Please also refer to the public terms and conditions of the courier used for the shipment. Their terms will include time limits for claims and complaints about damage etc, after you have signed for the goods.


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