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Payment Policy


1. How do I make payment?

Currently we accept CREDIT CARD (VISA and MASTER) and Internet Banking Fund Transfer via MEPS FPX. We are also accepting PayPal and sooner there will be more payment methods for our customer to choose such as Western Union and Money gram.

Why use Paypal? (Please read official website)


2. How do I know my payment has been received?

We would inform you via email once we receive your payment. In the email we will specify your ordering details such as quantity, total amount and mailing address.


3. The advantages of paying with credit card
Payment is traceable and secure.
Payment is immediate and convenient. Payment is deposited directly into our merchant account via secure link.
Credit card companies typically provide some level of identity and purchase protection.


4. Is it safe to pay by credit cards?

Yes, it is very safe. When you pay online by credit card, your transaction occurs over a secure Internet connection, and your information is encrypted. The secure connection protect your transaction, from the instant you enter your personal information to the moment you enter credit card information and receive payment confirmation.  
We use industrial strength High-Grade Encryption technology (256 bits SSL) to protect your entire checkout process and all your personal information. Your confidential information is encrypted so that it cannot be altered or embellished during transmission.
We do not store your full credit card information in our order system. Only the last 4 digits of your credit card number are used to verify and process your order. 
All order related information is encrypted and stored in our secured database server in the state of art secured data center. Only employees with security clearance can access the data center.


5. What is 3-D Secure?

3-D Secure is a card holder authentication mechanism. Every card entered in the payment gateway is checked by the respective card association, i.e. MasterCard or VISA. It is verified whether or not user authentication is required for the given card. If yes, the card holder is redirected to the issuer bank¡¦s system to identify himself (by entering a password, inserting a chip card providing other senstitive information). The result of the authentication is then handed back to the payment gateway.


6. Why is my payment refunded?

We may refund your payment if we are unable to verify your billing and shipping address, or not able to contact you via email or telephone to verify your order detail. 
We may also refund your payment if you make only partial payment without prior agreement with us. 
If you believe we cancel your order by mistake, please let us know as immediately.


7. Can I pay COD - cash on delivery?

No sorry, you have to pay in full by Credit Card or online bank transfer before we can process your order.


8. Is shipping included? Do I have to pay extra for delivery? How much are the courier fees?

Shipping is not included in the item prices: you need to use the online system to generate a shipping quote for your
order. Courier fee is subject to the location and country of the item to be delivered to.


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